ZwinRegio, together one organisation, but with 2 offices.

They sometimes say: one team, one goal! That's what it's about, but within our company always contrasted with the different "do's and dont's" on both sides of the border. We do operate as one team, but the two offices each have a different dna.

With ZwinRegio, we have a real estate office in Sluis and a real estate office in Knokke. We like to help our customer on two sides of the border. Like nature, we work across borders and like to give our clients, searchers and others a taste of both regions that blend into one another. Both offices also stand for quality.

Yet there are differences. Things we cannot and do not want to lump together. These include differences in legislation, language and customs. With ZwinRegio, we focus on the area of West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL) and the polders of West Flanders (BE). With the real estate office in Knokke, we focus on the heart of Knokke and its boroughs.

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